Monday, July 28, 2008

Bohol Bonbons

Presenting the tourist destinations of Bohol that I’ve gone to. The entire province of Bohol is a tourism haven rich in history, heritage, and nature. It would take days to completely visit its bounties. Thus in my one-day tour, here is what i got:

St. Joseph's Cathedral, Tagbilaran City (built 1894)

Provincial Capitol (built 1860)

A Rizal Park flocked by doves is located in front of the Capitol Building and the St. Joseph’s Cathedral serving as the centerpiece. The Tagbilaran National Museum was also just the next block after the Capitol.

Blood Compact Monument (located in Bool, 4 km from Tagbilaran City)
A marker that identifies the spot where Datu Sikatuna, a native Boholano chieftain, forged a Blood Compact with Don Miguel Lopez de Legazpi, representing the King of Spain, for the purpose of fostering friendly relations between the two countries. The Blood Compact on March 16, 1565 is considered as the first “Treaty of Friendship” between the brown and white races. It is locally known as Sandugo which is celebrated by Boholanos every July.

Baclayon Church and Museum (located in Baclayon, 7 km from Tagbilaran City)
The museum is located inside the convent, or BaclayonChurch, one of the oldest stone churches in the Philippines. It contains a rich collection of religious art, ecclesiastical vestments, librettos of church music printed in Latin on animal skins, and other priceless relics and artifacts dating back to the early 16th century.

One of the oldest stone churches in the Philippines. This ancient massive edifice still retains its century-old architectural design. Both in the external and internal portions of the church are various interesting relics and artifacts dating back to the early 16th century, which have been placed at the Baclayon Museum. Baclayon is also the oldest town in Bohol and the mother town of Alburquerque, Balilihan, and Sikatuna.
Museum Admission: Php25.00

See-a-Tarsier Stopover (along the road while heading to the key destinations)
One need not go to the Corella sanctuary of tarsiers especially if youre catching the 1-day tour. Along the road is a stopover where you can take a look of these primates.

Loboc River Cruise (located in Loboc, 21 km from the Tagbilaran City)
Enjoy a fascinating boat ride in the serene waters of Loboc River, starting from Loay Bridge which is the outlet of the river, and along the palm-fringed banks inland. The ride via motorized pump boat ends near the Tontonan water falls, where several falls with cascading water provides a pleasant bathing session.

Credit to Ceasar Montano for popularizing the Loboc River in his movie Panaghoy sa Suba. This getaway serving fiesta buffet and operates until 2 p.m. only is a hit to both Filipinos and foreigners; I even saw St. Paul Sisters aboard. Facing the Loboc river wharf is the 1608 built Loboc Church and Museum with the controversial unfinished bridge pointing on it. Story says the bridge was a front to a treasure-hunting plot.
Cruise Admission: Php280.00 inclusive of lunch

Tigbao Hanging Bridge (located in Loboc, 39 km from Tagbilaran City)
Backed by the influx of tourists, this link has become a stop. Many are entranced by the bridge itself, and the background – the clean Loboc River and the trees along the banks.

Chocolate Hills (located in Carmen, 55 km from Tagbilaran City)

The most famous tourist attraction in Bohol. Among the 1,268 perfectly cone-shaped hills which abound in Central Bohol, two have been developed into a resort. On top of the hills is a complex that offers accommodation, conference rooms, restaurants, and a view deck.

Another dream destination down and counting for more to conquer. Who would not dream personally sighting this wonderful work and a must to see wonder of nature? Well, I must say I’m a lucky one. Chocolates hills never fail to amaze.

If soonest is not your plan to take a sight of this world-renowned heritage, I hope you could just vote it to the New Seven Wonders of Nature tilt. Cast your vote here.
Admission fee: Php25.00

Loboc-Bilar Manmade Forest
Amazing shades of tall trees standing along the road. For a nature-lover like me, the forest is a means to commune with Mother Nature. From the humid climate in the downtown, the forest provides a soothing breeze that cools the heat down.

Clarin Ancestral House (located in Loay, 18 km from Tagbilaran City)
Owned and maintained by descendants of the Clarin family, the ancestral house is located at the poblacion. Guests are in for a nostalgic trip as they enter the house replete with interesting antique jars, lamps, kitchenware, and furniture.
An equally entertaining tour guide will bring you to every corners of the house in her expertise.
Donation: Php20.00

Prony, the biggest and longest python in captivity
For sure everyone have watched it featured in some television shows. At 5.5 feet long and an electric post size, I consider it gigantic. The caretaker says it was fed with a 50-kilo hog every month so it changes skin also that often and growing. As much as I wanted to take a pose and try caressing it, our arrival at past 5pm was already late for the photo ops. The python named after its adopted guardian Prony will celebrate its birthday on October.
Admission: Php5.00

With many tourist spots I missed going into and for not fully enjoying the tour because of the lose of my digicam that time, I would surely come back if I have the opportunity.

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pakaleklalawak said...

at ngyn naman nasa BOHOL ka....tindi u talaga Islander. kainggit. kelan bako makakapagbyahe uli?

The Islander said...

hehe actually dating trip pa yan. mga late march. in short, repost sya from my previous blog. inedit ko lang. if you have time, you travel.

the donG said...

astig talaga dyan. daming pwedeng puntahan. natatawa ako sa mga ginawa mo sa pictures.

ang alam ko may magagandang caves din dyan.

The Islander said...

@dong.. yan ang consolation pag di ikaw ang may dala ng camera.. lagi kang present sa photo ops. laging may chance magpakyut. haha.

yeah may mga caves din. pero di kasi kasya ang one day lang kaya inuna nalang namin yung pinaka common na destination.

Ishna Probinsyana said...

sayang naman yung digicam. :( nakakalungkot.

posted 4/01/2008 12:07 AM

COC-o-LIVE said...

hmmp meron ka pang magagawa friend - learn the lesson: take extra care next time while travelling esp. the weapon(s) of the great blogger!!!hehhe. anyway, your pics are still ok, so cheer up. keep going!

posted 4/01/2008 8:45 PM

Soy said...

they're good photos. i went to panglao resort in bohol once and it was a great experience, minus the food poisoning.

you should ask oceanjet to sponsor you for another camera. after all, you're advertising them on your blog. :)

posted 4/02/2008 9:03 PM

Mandaragat said...

Sana kahit ibalik nalang yung memory card.

I'm sure those memories in there are priceless.

posted 4/03/2008 9:18 PM

paolo said...

nice photos. makes me miss the philippines...

posted 4/07/2008 6:30 PM

estan said...

sayang ang camera. especially if one is a travel bug. i'm sure you can another one later.

posted 4/11/2008 9:03 AM

Anonymous said...

very impressed with your blogs especially the one about bohol. i am a boholana myself and love bohol fiecely but am ashamed to admit that you know more about my place than i do...

sorry about your digicam - am glad you got a replacement now. happy blogging!

posted 4/16/2008 10:37 PM

The Asian Traveler said...

I've been to Bohol a few years back, but I never had the chance to visit the "Clarin Ancestral House". I enjoyed the Loboc River cruise. :)

The Islander said...

yeah. the river cruise has always been fun. fiesta of foods, different races cruising with you, different scheme of entertainments.. all while cruising the emerald waters of the river.

Lawstude said...

Sayang na missed ko yung Tigbao Hanging Bridge at di ko nakita si prony pero nakakita naman ako ng Tarsier. Tagal ko kasi magliwaliw sa Panglao eh. Kakaiba sand nila doon powdery na kumakapit sa paa.

Thanks for sharind and reminding me of Bohol.

PS Uy, oo nga, updated na. Pag talaga about island ang post ko nag-uupdate link sayo lols.

Everlito (ever) Villacruz said...

maliban pa pala sa byahe ni dong may kapitbahay pala ito at isa rin sa malamang kakagiliwan kong pasyalan.."the islander"

kahit pala di nako umalis para ko nang malilibot ang pinas! salamat sa blog na toh!...todo nah!

The Islander said...

@lawstude.. ako naman ang di nakapunta ng panglao. kaasar, kulang sa oras.

kaaliw sa Tigbao Bridge. para kaming mga batang niyuyugyog yung bridge. nagbabounce kasi. tinatakot namin ang mga turista. haha my bad.

hehehe sa pagkahiyang sa island, namimili na ng ia-update. hehe

The Islander said...

@ever.. hahaha. we are the wanderlusts of the philippines. sayang naman kasi ang life pag lumipas lang habang nakapangalumbaba sa pag aasam na mapuntahan yung mga refreshing sites of sights of nature. kaya habang may buhay, lakwatsa. hehe. salamat sa pagdalaw.

Brigida Ayson Schmidt said...

I wish to go to Bohol someday and visit the Chocolate Hills. I really wanted to go there. I'm so glad you blog another the Philippines Nature's Wonder.

You can vote for this. It's an entry to the World's 7 Natural Wonder. Search their site on line.

The Islander said...

hi bridge. yup i have casted my vote already. i guess, im one of the firsts to learn about the tilt. i even featured it in my previous blog.

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