Tuesday, July 15, 2008

PAL Express Inaugural Flight

Finally. After ten years of suspended flight by PAL in Surigao City, the country's flag carrier is bringing back their service starting today, July 15, 2008, serving daily direct flights Surigao-Manila-Surigao.

The 76-seater Bombardier Q400 turbo-prop aircraft successfully landed in Surigao City airport at around 11:00 o’clock in the morning from its 9:00 a.m. departure in Manila.

As a cozy welcome, a simple program was prepared under the initiative of the Surigao Chamber of Commerce and Industry. Inaugural flight passengers were served with cocktails, adorned with welcome leis and entertained with a cultural presentation. A foreign visitor even jived with the dancers. The inaugural passengers include PAL's Senior Assistant Vice-President Marilou Mendoza and Vice-President for Sales in Mindanao Atty. Domingo Duerme who graced the event.

After Asian Spirit discontinued serving Surigao sometime in late December of last year that have greatly affected the tourism industry and paralyzed the business activities of the province, the government officials and concerned businessmen and personalities enjoined efforts in lobbying with the airline companies to consider serving the jump-off point of foreign tourists coming into the infamous surfing capital of the Philippines. And now after the long wait, the prayers of the Surigaonons have been answered through PAL.

The PAL Express flight comes with a "buy 1, take 1" promo offering the passengers a free one-way ticket for every one-way ticket bought. The complimentary ticket can be used for the return journey or for another one-way flight to any PAL domestic point. Promo sale is extended until July 21, 2008 with a travel period between July 15, 2008 and October 15, 2008.

In preparation to this, the airport installed a new baggage handling facility and an X-ray machine.


Flight No.: PR 065
Schedule: Daily
Aircraft: DH4
Time of Departure: 09:00am
Time of Arrival: 10:45am

Flight No.: PR 066
Schedule: Daily
Aircraft: DH4
Time of Departure: 11:15am
Time of Arrival: 01:00pm


Viaje Isla said...

yup, i heard it over the radio this morning. its good to hear that we have the airline service now here in surigao so we can move ahead and build up tourism. :)

reyna elena said...

ha?! ngayon ko lang nalaman na wala palang Mla Surigao dati?! Naku, eh pano kayo fly nang Manila before?

Lalo pa ngayon ang mahal nang gasolina, am sure, mahihirapan mag service ang mga Airbus 300 dyan from Manila to Surigao and vice versa.

Pero this is good. Sana dumami ang passengers para mag-increase ang flights to Surigao. Maganda ang lugar ninyo and am sure darating din ang time na yan.

Meanwhile, ika ba ang susundo saken sa airport? hehehe! Naka bahag ka ba by then? HAHAHA

the donG said...

that's one big good news for me! as i fly there next year... really looking forward to that trip. i might have the siargao trip on my top list. is there a season for surfing there?

based sa picture mo ng airport, ganda ah! better than the one in butuan.

The Islander said...

@viaje isla.. yup and it was welcomed with a fiesta-like celebration.

@reyna elena.. interrupted po since december last year. surigao was served by asian spirit before but decided to discontinue. passengers opted to go to butuan kasi because of the expensive fare. i dont know whats wrong with asian spirit's marketing but they failed.

@dong.. i am yet to post an entry about my siargao escapades. will answer your question in that post.

Chokolatier said...

kaya pala malakas loob mo magtanong kung saan ang next na "outoftown rainy day escapade"..buy 1 take 1 pala.
may plans na ba?hehe

The Islander said...

hahaha sayang ang miles...

magplan na kayo. sasama lang naman ako eh. hehe.

Carver said...

Interesting post and photographs. Thanks for visiting my blog.

The Islander said...

my pleasure @carver...

the donG said...

sure bro. aabangan ko yan.

Akhyari said...

gosh.. i miss Philippines !