Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Surfing Siargao Island

Siargao Island popularly known as the Surfing Capital of the Philippines is part of the Surigao del Norte province located at the northeastern tip of Mindanao. Its world class right-breaking reef wave that the surfers called "Cloud 9" is the site of the annual Siargao Cup, a domestic and international surfing competition usually held during late October.

Though it is mostly known for surfing activities, there’s beyond surfing that the island can offer.

One is island hopping in three islands shored with white sands. We contracted a motorized boat at P1,000 before, but now that the oil prices is surging constantly I don’t know how much they are charging the service.
– the most photogenic among the three and the one I placed as a header of this blog. Surrounded by white sands and fringe-palmed with coconut trees. On its back are bedrocks where one can spend time seating facing the pacific.

Guyam Island
Daku Island – as the word “daku” literally implies in visayan dialect, the island is the biggest among the three islands and is the only inhabited. A short stroll inside the nearby village in the island will lead you to a developed privately owned resort, which even though quite attractive is not open for public admission. Nevertheless, a couple of hours chasing in the sand and swimming guaranteed you a priceless experience. But I'm sure you would rather spend time aiming the camera towards you. Poses are much even priceless. They are memories.
Daku Island at far view
Daku Island
Naked Island – the smallest among the three and as it literally means, the island is uncovered and submerged in water during high tide.
Naked Island
After the exciting one-day island hopping, a mouthful of affordable dinner in the plaza and a videoke session after is the next best thing to do. They have this bridge in the plaza that supposed to connect to Daku Island which is unfinished. Locals and visitors alike loved to spend a chit-chat there.
My jaw-dropping rendition over the videoke. Look at the foreign tourist, she fell in love with me. Hehe.
Another attraction is the world class Pansukian Tropical Resort, known to locals as Rambeau after owner, which is a favorite hideaway of some famous celebrities. Their restriction in admission, wherein entrance is granted and limited only to in-house guests, draws prestigious attention to the locals. This first class resort and its panoramic photographs landed in the covers of some famous travel books and magazines.
Grabbed from Pansukian website (now Dedon Island)
Grabbed from
Meanwhile, about 3 kilometers of road trip to the Municipality of Pilar will bring you to the natural lagoon nestled in Magpopongko Rock Formation. The word magpopongko is derived from the Surigaonon word “pongko” after the rock formation in the place where one seems resting on the other. The blue lagoon supplied with water during high tide is bordered with the flat surfaced bedrock that extends to the shoreline where big waves fizzled out.
Magpopongko Lagoon
Magpopongko Lagoon

Beyond those adventures and attractions i mentioned, there are a lot of things to do in Siargao. Like kayaking, snorkeling, trekking, and recently launched game fishing. Surfing areas and white sand beaches are everywhere in the island.

Getting to Siargao:
1. Seair direct Manila-Siargao (ETD 13:15/ETA 14:05), Siargao-Manila (ETD 14:25/ETA 15:15) flight every Monday and Friday
2a. PAL Express direct Manila-Surigao flight (ETD 9:00am/ETA 10:45am) daily
2b. Land trip via fast craft every 11:30 am and RoRo every 12:00 noon daily


denz d menz said...

nagpaplano kameng magkakaibigan na bumalik dyan sa siargao sometime soon.

atsaka sa kin nakatingin yung foreigner ako kausap nun e. hehehe

R-yo said...

great islands! kung me panahon lng talaga, i'd visit them all. sana sa december...

Ishna Probinsyana said...

ang ganda naman talaga dyaaan! sana makapunta ako dyan one time.

The Islander said...

well, sana din makapagplano na kayo at sana makapunta nga kayo. hehe.

@r-yo, december is not favorable to travel in siargao as siargaonon says. malalaki ang waves that time so its almost hard to do island hopping. pero as we all know, foreign surfers love the big waves. sort of adrenaline rush.

Raft3r said...

i voted 4 you.

thanks for visiting The Deadbeat Club.

care to exchange links?

once you added mine in your blogroll, please lemme know so I can return the favor asap

thanks again and hope to hear from you soon

greetings from Baltimore!

Anonymous said...

love the photos ;-) it just makes you want to drop everything and go!

The Islander said...

@raft3r.. hi. yeah sure. i will add you up.

@gandarynako.. thank you. why not plan for your vacation in siargao the soonest?

Rio said...

ang gaganda tlga ng mga lugar na napupuntahan mo=)

ang ganda nung pansukian tropical resort...sarap mag relax=)

siguro na aamaze yung foreigner sau kaya ka tinititigan..hehe..isang birit naman dyan!=)

Eric said...

Nice photos...I can feel the tranquility of the island and the pristine waters...hope it will not be spoiled the same thing happens in Boracay and Pattaya Beach in Thailand.

estan said...

siargao!!! abi nako ikaw na sulod sa wave barrel :0

of the three islands, I prefer guyam but naked island is also good. the eastern side is medyo rocky lang. before, there was a sapling growing there but my companion accidentally broke it off. hahaha

beyond the island hopping, one can also ride the habalhabal and just ride around the island which i did before. pero wa jud ko ka abot ano pongko rock formations.

The Islander said...

@doc rio.. hahaha. amaze ba ang right word? cge bibiritan kita ala jed madela pag nagkita tayo. haha.

@eric.. nope. medyo malayo pa pong mangyari yan. hehe. but i also do hope it will not happen here.

@estan.. haha. di ko kamao mag-surfing. nah, you miss one-fourth of your life if wa ka kaadtog magpopongko. hehe.

nindot pud bitaw magride og habal-habal. hehe.

Rio said...

sige ha! bigyan mo ako ng isang makapagbagbag damdaming forevermore..hehe=)

The Islander said...

nyahaha bakit forever more? mas type ko ang "di ko kayanga tanggapin" by april boy. with matching action pa yan.. ekis ekis ng kamay. haha

The Asian Traveler said...

Wow! This place is great! Enjoyed your narrative and your pictures.

By the way, the foreign lady was “all eyes” on you but she didn't look mesmerized at all. She has that rather devilish glint in her eyes. hehehe.. just kidding.

The Islander said...

@asian traveler... hahaha rofl! nice observation. haha. onga noh... i guess ill have to edit the caption. perhaps i was singing 'my way' that time that's why she wanted to kill me. hehe. i was amused with your comment.

Faye said...

actually, the foreign lady was already impatient (look at those impatient eyes) coz she wanted to sing na. =)

nice photo of pansukian tropical resort. i took photo only sa entrance =)

The Islander said...

@faye.. haha! amo sab. basin naghuyat.

the photo was taken from the pansukian's website. i just forgot to credit. even the title i forgot to put. hehe. anyway, i linked their website.

the donG said...

astig ng beach!!! ang sarap ng sabihin "ANDYAN AKO NEXT YEAR!!!"... astig talaga dyan.

kaya mag eenroll na ako ng surfing sa la union. para pagdating dyan ay medyo may edge na kahit konti. hehehe...

icebreaker said...

wow, really nice view :) in the Philippines, is it?

Paulette said...

wow super cool!!! im going there with friends on aug.. excited na nga kami lahat! ill try to check out the places that you posted :D

Rolly said...

Musta dong, it's a beautiful island. Naa koy kaila diha sa una,mga kaboardmates nako sa Cebu long time ago,ambot naa pa ba sila diha, mga Navarro, Esparrago, ambot nalimot nako sa uban.

Wala diay airport diha? Sa Dipolog naa kay tungod sa Dakak.

Rolly said...

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Congrats nalang daan kay maka hall of fame na gyod ka ron bisag 2nd lang ka.

TENTAY™ said...

panalo!! ang ganda!! nalilito na tuloy ako kung sa camigin o sa siargao. ang dami ko nadidinig maganda daw jan. weweweewew. naglalaway n ko. hahahahah. lalo na un white sand beach na inupuan nyo and un parang may kubo. fantastic :)

reyna elena said...

Psst! DODONG! sa totoo lang noh! gusto ka nang hamapasin nung gurl nang bote nya noh?! hahahaha!!! I wab yuuuu! HAHAHAH

The Islander said...

@dong.. wag mo nang paabutin ng next year. come this october na. hehe. at tama nga, enroll ka muna ng surfing class para pagdating mo dito, mas maienjoy mo at masulit.

@icebreaker.. yup, in the very splendid Philippines. particularly siargao island, surigao del norte.

@paulette.. wow thats next month na. good luck. good luck. and enjoy.

The Islander said...

@rolly.. yeah those family names are familiar. there are many of them there so i guess the island is there native place.

naa may airport. hehe. seair ang ga-byahe direct to siargao. then pal express direct to surigao.

cge mulaag nya ko didto sa jbsolisblog og muboto nimo. salamat diay sa continuous nga pagboto. hehe. kapoy na mangampanya. og mudaog ok, og dili pud ok gihapon. ang ako lang dili ma-hack akong blog og akoy mudaog. haha.

The Islander said...

@tentay.. di kita matutulungang pumili sa ngayon. di ko pa napuntahan ang camiguin.

@reyna elena.. hahaha. dami nyong naiisip na ibang story sa eksena na yan. basta ang sakin e nainlab sya. haha. at bakit merong pahabol na aywabyu? ayokong makasira ng relasyon nyo ni dakilang islander. haha.

Dakilang Islander said...

hahahah! ba't nasali ako...hala may aywabyu na!! ibang level na yan ah

ikaw ba kumuha nung surfer dream shots ko yan..meron akong kuha dito kaso ang liit lang ng alon...
di mo nahalata pinapakitaan ka na ng cleavage ng babae...heheh

acey said...

must be reallyyyy niiiice.

The Islander said...

@dakilang islander.. haha para sayo talaga yan. pinagsiselos ka lang. at yung shot, di sakin yan. imposible at malabong makakuha ako ng ganyan kagandang shot. hehe. yung photo credit naka embed sa link ng pic. hehe. pati yung sa pansukian, sa website nila ko yan kinuha.

@acey.. hehe thanks. nice really.

Lawstude said...

wow. i wanna go there. this place will definitely be in my places-to-visit list for next year.

The Islander said...

@lawstude.. you definitely have to. you would like it there. and by the way, from siargao.. you can take a pumpboat to fare you to suhoton cove. siargao islands and bucas grande islands are close in distance with each other.

marites1034 said...

been to Siargao twice and both times, i loved the place. i sure hope their roads will improve, masakit sa puwit magbyahe heehhe! although, i've seen some road improvements the last time, there's still a lot to be done.