Friday, July 11, 2008

Dapitan City, Zamboanga del Norte

This was another no-expense travel courtesy of my job. Nah, I am not paid to travel and write a review of the places I have been to. This was when I was invited to a workshop held in Dakak Park and Beach Resort in Dapitan City on September 2006.
Edge to edge. The long coastal travel from Surigao to Dapitan
It was an edge to edge trip for me coming from the Northeastern tip (point A: Surigao) to the Northwestern tip (point B: Dapitan) of Mindanao. And it took me altogether almost 24 hours of travel. Tiring but worth it. The photos below tells why.

grabbed from a post in skyscrapercity forum
Dakak Beach 

From how it looks in aerial view, Dakak Beach is secluded in a cove. That geographical perspective gives the tourists the feeling of security and serenity. Based on my feeling when I was there, it feels like paradise where you are on your own. The sand, though fine and powdery, has its own identity. Not as white as those in Boracay and not as sugar-fine as those in Siargao. It's more of beige in color.

Cultural Show at the Pirates Bar 
Cultural presentation is part of the welcome rites in Dakak, I was told. Dressed in ethnic attire, entertainers danced Hawaiian. But for the whole duration of our stay in Dakak, we were entertained with presentation of multi-cultural dances, from Latin to Hawaiian to Filipino Folk dances. Yeah, it was extra special because the organization hosting the event is "huge".

Well-equipped Facilities
Though Dakak have serene environment, you cannot actually feel boredom there. Aside from doing yoga, one can have indoor sports such as bowling as well as
outdoor sports like volleyball, swimming, kayaking, and jetskiing.

Lots of Pool
They have varieties of pools, too.
They have outdoor jacuzzi, adults pool and kiddie pool. A good treat when you're tired from playing your sport.

Nice homey accommodations
Huts made of organic materials just feel very comfortable to me. Though it looks indigenous, the ambiance is tempting for a good sleep.

Cozy tropical resorts
Their accommodations are great. Perfect for the couples in honeymoon.

Okay, too much unpaid review for Dakak, let us talk about history. Yeah, Dapitan is one of the historic places in the Philippines due to the fact that it included in the life story of the country's national hero, Dr. Jose Protacio Rizal y Realonda. And guess what?! I looked forward to visiting this historic site of Jose Rizal than in participating the workshop itself. And it didn't fail my expectation. Here is why...

Exile in Dapitan
As mentioned, the second thing i was thinking (next to the luxurious stay in Dakak) while on my way was a visit to the place where Dr. Jose Rizal spent four years of his life while in exile.

The hero's house
Some parts of the structures are still on its original like the posts and the wooden flooring. And the bed where he used to lay is still preserved.

Jose Rizal's Museum
Here, some memorabilias, personal belongings, literatures, and portraits are displayed.

Jose Rizal-Josephine Bracken love nest
As one of our companion jokingly shared, this is where Josephine Bracken got broken. Seriously, historian says, this is where they spent most of their time together.

Clinic and School
Here, Dr. Jose Rizal practices a little bit of his profession treating some of his patients and at the foreground taught children how to write and read.

In summary, I must say the long travel was worth it. At the end of the day, I was enriched with knowledge from the workshop, relieved from stress by staying and spending time like a tourist in Dakak, and culturally enriched because I was able to have a glimpse on a historic site that was once part of the humble life of a national hero.


Rolly said...

Musta dong. Kaadto diay kag Dakak? Duol ra na sa amoa, siguro nalabyan lang nimo, last town sa Zamboanga del Norte in the north, 1st town after Misamis Occidental. I do agree with your say about Dakak. Of course, amoa nagod na. Didto ko pagkabakasyon nako last March. Dakak is immaculate.

redlan said...

OKay pa rin ba ang dakak ngayon?

Buti pini-preserve at dinidevelop pa rin nila ang bahay ni jose rizal.

jp ka rin pala as in?

The Islander said...

@rolly.. yup. though it was not a good vacation because that was the time typhoon milenyo visited the Philippines, hehe, but still we had a good time there. it is paradise for me. malayo sa kabihasnan. and very private.

i remember our friend counterpart in Dapitan said it was her first time in Dakak. Considering that she was at her 40s already, i curiously asked why. then she said, "mahal man gud ang entrance. og naa ra man pud mi diri."

what is the name of your town? siguro nakalabay gyud ko didto. i only remembered calamba. and everything attached to rizal. hehe. i also like the road. very provincial.

The Islander said...

@redlan.. i think so. the only problem there i think is the location which i consider remote. pero they have frequent visitors.. Dakak is really nice naman talaga. If you love nature, youll definitely love dakak.

re preservation of rizal's house... dapat lang. the residents must feel lucky the national hero once lived there. a heritage. and you know what, the location of the place is nice. it is near the shore.

Dakilang Islander said...

naks panalo sa pic...mas lalong may mainlababo sa'yo nyan...nyahahah

The Islander said...

hahaha sana nga meron at nang madala sa isla at malapa. haha.

reyna elena said...

grrrr! kelan mo ako bibitbitin dyan ha?! lito pa rin ako sa geography hehehe

The Islander said...

haha. pag inulan ako ng diamonds, lahat ng blogger dadalhin ko dun. pero parang mas maganda pag yung sasakyan mo sakyan natin papunta dun. gasgasan natin ng konti. hehe

Rio said...

nice place to relax..=)

The Islander said...

@rio... thats for sure.

Dakilang Islander said...

hahah sabi ko na nga ba may magparamdam!

The Islander said...

haha sino? ituro mo dali...
di ka naman nagsiselos nyan ha, kung si reyna elena ang tinutukoy mo. dunwori, di na ko makikihati. hehehe

estan said...

grabe ug suroy suroy ba!

The Islander said...

haha mas labaw na ka. dili lang suroy, laag na gyud.

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