Thursday, July 10, 2008

Looc Pebble Beach

Located just one hill away from the infamous Mabua Pebble Beach, Looc Pebble Beach is accessible by foot taking the 300-steps Concrete Stairway at Mt. Bagarabon walling the place from its neighbor Brgy. Mabua. Soon it will be accessible by vehicles when the access road construction is done.

But for now, mostly youngsters especially lovers chose to cross over the hill to find their privacy in this tranquil ambiance. The place is so serene it will make you reminisce your sweetest pasts.

Note the hills on each edge of the beach. They look the same as if it is mirrored.

No cottages built in there yet but you can take shed under the coconut trees while having your foods and watching your companion plunge from the rock formations into the cool turquoise waters.

Now if you're a sunset scenery enthusiast, no need to search for it anywhere. Just wait until the sun perfectly bid welcome the night from there.

Did you know? That walking barefooted on the pebbles is equivalent to a foot massage.. The hard presses between the smooth pebbles and your foot palm is better than the presses your best masseur can give.


Brigida Ayson Schmidt said...

Pebble Beach... caught my attention, sounds like the one in America, somewhere in California, ha-ha!

Philippines really looks gorgeous. I am so lucky to be born in this country. Thanks for this post!

The Islander said...

We have the best country in the world... in terms of natural resources. Me as well, lucky to be born a Filipino. naks!

Don't mention the leaders. hehe.

Dissatisfied Whiner said...

Wow.. talk about not your ordinary white sand beach... but i think it would be quite painful to bathe in the sun lying on these pebbles.. can you say that you can have a back massage then? but hey, that is just me..

(anyway, care for an ex-link? have linked you...)

The Islander said...

haha. lying on these pebbles isnt painful. you just have to suit yourself in a comfortable position. and yeah, youll definitely have a good back massage if you do that. the pebbles are extra smooth. and because of its smoothness, di sya pwedeng panghilod. hehe.

ALiNe said...

Ouch! parang ansakit maglakad dyan... Sana walang patusok na pebbles

The Islander said...

hehe actually masakit na masarap...
know what.. yung mga oldies paborito nilang maglakad sa mga pebbles. medyo cure daw for arthritis..

Lawstude said...

i must admit. kakaibang beach ito ah. my idea of a beach kasi is making sand castles. pano to? siguro pwede to na making stone houses. ayos.

happy weekend parekoy.

The Islander said...

hahaha. happy weekend too. baka may arthritis ka na, pwede ka dun lakad lakad lang... hehe.