Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Mt. Carmel Inland Resort

The Maradjao Magbalantay College Seminary's just had their yearly closing of its academic formation. And to close the year means a bonding. So the Seminary organized a summer party at Mt. Carmel Spring Resort in Barangay Poctoy, 7.18 kilometers from Surigao City.
My mother who used to be hired to cook in the seminary during special occasions is a friend to some people their. With that, we were invited to come in the celebration. Just in time with the scorching heat of summer, i went together with my brother.

The variety of foods prepared for the summer outing was notable and noticeable. Even the whole population of the seminary who were there was not able to consume all. And while the seminarians were busy playing and making the most of their company together for the last time this season, i was also busy taking some photographs of the resort for feature here in my blog. (This is not a paid review)

Here are some:
The terrace overlooking the pool and the rest of the native huts around

Mt. Carmel Resort
Mt. Carmel Resort
Although located a little bit far from the city, the resort gained recognition and curiosity from the public due to its location and natural abode. It is somewhat carved at the foot of the mountain For an admission of P45.00 per person, one can enjoy the refreshing ambiance of the resort.

The resort is nestled in luscious vegetation

Aside from the swimming pools, for adults and for kids, other amenities include videoke machines ---a favorite requirement in hanging out with friends.
Cool and fresh-looking native huts


estan said...

summer na jud no? nindot magbakasyon :)

The Islander said...

yup. ako kay gikan lang naglaag sa isla. kung brown lang ko kaniadto, karon itom na gyud. nyahaha.

the donG said...

whoa! swimming swimming. sarap magswimming.

it's good to know that you're back and posting.

The Islander said...

hehehe yes.. actually madami na kong di pa napopost. labeling the photos and other important commitments prevent me from posting those. aside from the fact na kinakatamaran ko na talaga. hehe.

but i wont stop updating my blog. kahit months na ang gap.