Monday, August 4, 2008

Historical Markers of Surigao

Quick tour in Surigao City?

Follow the trail of these interesting places to see while in the city. Take the Luneta Park as a jump-off point.
San Nicolas de Tolentino Cathedral (grabbed from panoramio courtesy of Edmund Ortega)
The history of the San Nicolas de Tolentino Cathedral dates back in 1760 when it was first constructed. It was unfortunately ruined during the World War II but was reconstructed by the Missionaries of the Sacred Heart in June 15, 1988. Now the parish is under the administration of the Diocesan clergy. The Cathedral is also located in the complex of now St. Paul University Surigao, former San Nicolas College, which is the oldest academic institution in Surigao dating back to 1906.

Giant Shoe (grabbed from panoramio)
From the Cathedral, the giant shoe is a walking distance with less than 15 meters. Honestly, I dont know the history of this shoe. But I remember during my childhood years whenever I ask somebody about it they will just say that a giant left and the other pair can be found in the neighbor province of Leyte. Interesting but the giant shoe houses the generator set of the city and serves as a siren reminding people of the lunch time and at 10:00 pm to remind the youngsters of the curfew.
The new look. (courtesy of Travel Up)
Christmas Look (grabbed from the
The Monument of Peace by the Rotary Club
This marker placed at the rotonda in front of the city hall is a symbol that Surigao is one of the peaceful cities and one of the most livable cities in the Philippines. If peace is not special for you, then you will not find this marker special. But for the peace loving people just like the Surigaonons, this marker means so much.
Marker of the First Hoisting of the Philippine Flag in Mindanao
Right across from the Peace Marker heading the City Hall is the marker of the first hoisting of the Philippine flag in Mindanao. You read it right, and you can read it from the text of the marker. It says, "on the morning of December 26, 1898, then Governor Alejandro “Jantoy” Gonzales, did the first raising of Philippine flag in Mindanao at the town of Surigao". Believe it or not, some Surigaonons doesn't know about this piece of history. So be flattered when you are a visitor and you know it first.
Surigao City Hall (grabbed from
Not the coolest city hall in the country. Architecture-wise, nothing extraordinary. But unique in its own way. Not to mention it is also very photogenic, too. 

Now to wrap up spots 3, 4, and  5 in one package...
Grabbed from
From the City Hall, one can take either a tricycle or a multi-cab at the designated passenger pick-up stations and drop off at Surigao High (short for Surigao Norte National High School).
Japanese Cremation Marker

Inaugurated during the 63rd Battle of Surigao Strait celebration on October 25, 2007 at the Surigao Norte National High School through the effort of the Officers of the Surigaonon Heritage and Cultural Center. The ceremony was attended by representative of Australia Mr. Ian’o Arcy Wales, and Ms. Marifurusawa a child of a Commander General of Japan during the WWII.
From this point to the next point 7, one should ride a tricycle going to Borromeo. As the next marker is probably not known to the tricycle drivers, please motion the driver to drop you off at the very corner of the San Nicolas-Borromeo Streets.
The text engraved in the monument was written in spanish and reads:
Honor Al Trabajo.
El Distrito de Surigao Agradecido
en memoria de su signo gobernador
D. Carlos Villalba Requilme
Año 1893
which means an "Honor of Work in grateful memory of the Governor of the District of Surigao, D. Carlos Villalba Requilme, Year 1893".

You just made the unusual quick tour in Surigao City. Why dont you serve yourself a tummy-filled treat?? From this point, the city public market where you can have delectable seafoods cooked fresh is only 5 minutes walk.

But if you want more... Okay, the other markers are located outside the busy streets of the city. It takes 15-20 minutes ride but the experience is equally guaranteed. Clue: quick dip, pebbles, gray sands. 
What you need to do is hire a tricycle for a special trip to Barangay Lipata and Barangay Mabua. They might charge you a hundred or 150 pesos.
10th BSP National Jamboree Marker

Erected at the entry point to Almont Beach Resort (formerly Maharlika Training Center and Resort), this marker stands facing the hills of Lipata that had become the camping ground of the boy scouts from all over the Philippines on July 10-16, 1995.
Battle of Surigao Strait Marker

Inaugurated on October 25, 2001 at the Port of Lipata grounds during the 57th celebration of the Battle of Surigao Strait commemorating the naval battle between the Japanese and American forces on October 24-25, 1944.

From Lipata, move on to the neighboring barangay of Mabua where the infamous pebble beach is located. I heard the less traveled shortcut from Lipata to Mabua which i named here as PuntaLoMa (short for barangays Punta Bilar, Sitio Looc, and Mabua) is now accessible. The view there with the lighthouse is also fantastic. Not to mention that you are standing at the Northeasternmost tip of Mindanao!

I hope you enjoyed your quick trip!


the donG said...

i particularly like the seal of peace marker. yung sa bsp daming vandalism. kakalungkot tingnan.

The Islander said...

yeah. kaasar. walang magawa yung mga radical ang pag iisip.

Lawstude said...

mas maganda siguro kung makita namin ni dong yuan ng personal.

punta kami jan. libre ba bahay? 14 lang kami.

The Islander said...

hahaha! ang dami. pwede magcamping dun. hehe.

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@caryn.. me too. if i have the time, ill try asking my historian friend. and the wires... so annoying. its a dirt.