Thursday, July 31, 2008

Little Venice of Surigao City

Barangay Day-asan, dubbed as the Little Venice of Surigao City, is fast becoming a tourist destination because of some developments and promotional attention given in this coastal rural community. 

I can still recall how it looked like before.

The floating village is composed of timber houses built along the shallow waters with the entire neighborhood connected with thin bridges. The fisher folks make a living out of fishing and mariculture activities that includes raising first class fishes like the mouth-watering groupers and lobsters. Simply watching them swimming around is already an enjoyable experience. You can’t help drooling over while looking at their delectable healthiness.

Floating Village

Floating Fish Cages in Mariculture Farm

From a simple community surrounded by verdant mangrove forest, the following has now been added:

Earth School is one of the iconic low-cost housing projects developed by Social Entrepreneur/Commercial Model Illac Angelo Diaz, founder of MyShelter Foundation. Its distinct dome-shape design is built not with standard building materials but rather indigenous supplies and adobe and soil technologies. Earth School was featured in Dec. 07/Jan. 08 issue of Cebu Pacific’s Smile magazine from where I learned about this unique and cool school.

Daydream Laguna Resort and Teppinyaki Restaurant defies the simple image of the place by adding beauty and color to the floating village. Its grandiose tropical architecture contrasts the simple abode and humble lifestyle of the villagers. It simply puts Barangay Day-asan on the map as the residence of this reputed classy resort in town. Now it sets the trend as more and more investors ventured in putting up resorts in the area. 

Before the guests can actually reach the resort, they will be served with a prelude of exciting adventure as they are transported by boat traversing the still waters from the wharf to the resort.

Barangay Day-asan is about 30 minutes drive from the city proper with transport terminals located at Pier 2. Fare is P15.00.


pinoy united said...

Looks cool mate. I'd been to Venice before actually.

posted 1/17/2008 6:33 AM

JP said...

thanks. the place is really cool.
never been to Venice so i have no idea why the local government call it as such.

posted 1/22/2008 9:56 AM

Quentin X said...

I've been to Venice in 2002. It is built on water. Sadly, I have not been to Day-asan.

posted 1/28/2008 7:53 PM

Anonymous said...

What a glorious looking resort!
I have actually heard of this resort before and long to see it in real life. The architecture looks stunning and what an experience it would be to travel in by boat. I find the Phillopino people so hospitable and friendly and am sure that this would be a perfect place for a holiday with a difference.

posted 2/22/2008 12:01 PM

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
Thanks for the compliments about my DAYDREAM LAGUNA RESORT. It is our ambition to provide tourists with an experience they will never forget. Peaceful, luxurious accommodation, great food, including our freshly cultivated Lapu Lapu (grouper) and lobster. We offer a variety of interesting and fun activities which include exploring the local culture, mangrove canals, island picnics with swimming, snorkling, and fishing and a city tour! Please call us: +639209474816 email: We look forward to looking after you! Lydia Bullivant, Proprietor.

posted 3/05/2008 12:59 PM

Islander said...

thank you for dropping by maam. im so flattered with your visit.

posted 3/06/2008 11:46 AM

Anonymous said...

Thanks Islander. I'm also flattered that you regarded my Daydream Laguna Resort so highly. Please feel most welcome to come and visit us - no charge, sometime. We would love to show you around. Best wishes,
Lydia Bullivant

posted 3/23/2008 2:22 PM

Tia Bullivant said...

Yes the DAYDREAM LAGUNA RESORT is a very interesting place i have not actually been there yet but maybe soon. I've only seen pictures yet it is still an amazement especially because it was all build with no plans , just all made with Lydia's mind. AND THANK-YOU FOR LEAVING SUCH KIND COMMENTS.

Tia Bullivant, Daughter of Lydia.

p.s if you are wondering why i've not yet been there its because i live in australia.

posted 3/24/2008 7:20 AM

Islander said...

ms. lydia... im counting to that maam and i really look forward to be there soon. perhaps you could allow me to take some photos of its interior to post here and let the visitors see what the resort can offer.

ms. tia... when you take a homecoming, im sure you would love it there. the place is so relaxing.

posted 3/24/2008 10:20 AM

Tia Bullivant said...

Thanks Islander We're pleased you would like to come back. We would be happy for you to enjoy the unique experience of daydream laguna resort and Day-Asan.

Lydia is in Manila at this time and is on her way back to Surigao , so I'm replying on her behalf.

Would you like us to email you some photos to use until you have the opportunity to take your own?



posted 3/24/2008 7:15 PM

artists said...

I was amazed by its expensive simplicity and the mouth-watery dishes made you forget and even not realize that your still in Philippines.Indeed, a little-venice-of-surigao. A comfy place for honeymooners that sure stimulates they tremendous sexual urges and nearly can give birth to twins....

posted 4/26/2008 10:56 PM

jun panangin said...

i would like to extend directly my utmost gratitude of thanks to ms.lydia who shares her masterpieces of such very impressive and hospitable accommodation rendered during our stay in your place.Im looking forward to meet you soon and the things we have had discussed about.. By the way,i'm the same person commented as ARTISTS SURIGAO..
thank you muchly!!!!

posted 4/26/2008 11:06 PM

Everlito (ever) Villacruz said...

kung bibigyan lang ng suporta ng pamahalaan na makagamit tayo ng mga indigenous material,at bigyan lang ito ng tamang pagpapaliwanag,malamang na kilalanin tayo sa buong mundo,dahil marami tayong material na magagamit mismo sa sarili nating kalugaran..bilib ako!earth school!

The Islander said...

mabuhay! hehehe parang si gma lang ah na nag-i-speech.

anyhows, kahit walang suporta ayos lang. basta sama sama tayong gumawa ng low-cost housing projects na gaya nito.

the donG said...

ganda ng resort na yan. tapos mura pa.

natutuwa din ako sa paaralan kasi medyo unique yung shape nya. siguradong enjoy ang mga estudyante dyan.

sana panatilihing malinis ang lugar nila. may ganyan din sa dagupan. the island is pugaro.

The Islander said...

dong anong mura... ang mahal kaya. entrance pa lang 500 na. hehe. may complimentary drinks naman.

Lawstude said...

wow. if it is compared to venice, then it must be great.

ayos na naman ang malibot na si islander.

estan said...

i'm more curious of seeing those schools.

good thing that you've added back the commenter identity options!

The Islander said...

@lawstude.. buti nalang malibot. unang basa ko kasi malibog. haha. it is compared to venice kasi daw they are both built on water. hehe.

@estan.. lingaw sya tan-awon bai.

yup, i dont want to miss those comments to i bring them back. memories are precious as always. good memories that is.

leviuqse said...

i love the last shot!

so serene!

The Islander said...

@levi.. thank you. your observation is indeed true.

salingPUSA said...

I really miss Mindanao....
We went there in 1997
for the National Press conference coz I am a writer wannabe that time....

Anyways, It was a very beautiful place. Cagayan de Oro, Oroqueta, Tangub---the contest location. We dropped by Iligan on our way back to Manila.

The whole place was full of coconut
even in the Mountains. When we were in the ship back to Manila. I saw the bay and all you can see is coconut in all directions.I love it!!!!!

And you Islander always remind me of Mindanao...I miss it.

Minnie said...

Nice resort. :p

The Islander said...

@salingpusa.. no wonder you do good in your blog writings. technically and all that. so thats why.. youre part of the nspc before pala.

so yan, youre the living witness from the north na di naman talaga magulo sa ibang part ng mindanao. hehe

The Islander said...

thanks minnie... youre always appreciating my features. hehe.

Anonymous said...

hey! Quentin x, I think its about time for you to go to Day -Asan then and check it out!

Genejosh said...

Wow...thanks for posting this..I've been here around 4 years ago as an Instructor at SNCAT, Day-asan much improvement...i know that floating cage you featured...i used to pass there everyday as I go to excited to visit Day-asan again...Cool post you have here!

dax said...

here's more and new,

Anonymous said...

SURIGao for your ears and eye only
"ako si geraldine A. perocho( gigi kong tawagon nila" nagpuyo sa baranggay DAY-ASAN SURIGAO CITY dili ko mapogngan ang akong init sa ako kalawasan; sa una masakit parero sa gibati sa uban.pero masarap! napakasarap! lalo sa pinakauna kong experience na sa kalibunan; kana bang matusuk tusuk ka sa mga sagbot at mga patay na sanga, kadungan ng pagsulod sa utin ng noel;garbi ang wild diay ni noel sa sex kalami kaayo grabi labi sa kay baon na baon gajod karajaw. pero pisting noel, pinagpalit lang ako sa isa liguwang nga babae,porke nakaopisina at ako ay estuyante lamang! amo gusto kong manimalos sa mga kalayakihan, biskan sin-o, matiguyang man kong matanda, single or merried. cool ako basta marajao sa kama.
gisundan na pod toa nga higayon, didto me sa lipata nag stroling me ibang si james og si ergar. gipapatong ko nilang duha sa motor, giromasa ako sa liog ni edgar habang iyang kamot ay gikomot ako tutoy. oh oh oh! ang akong mga ngabil ay uga na uga.,si james pinatuwad ko niya, og hinay hinay nga giubos ang akong panty, gihod niya ang akong bilat ng napaka lami kaayo na morag siya nagkaon ng hilaw na tahong. ang kasunod ay na feel ko nalang na manitusok napakagahi sa akong puwerta; dungan sa akong pagginhawa ay...oh...oh..ay kalami.
sunod sunod ang mga nahitabo, halos gabi gabie, walang kahibaw-anan ang akong mga ginikanan. ang tatay ko nagmata ra ng buntag; amo ini ang ako gidangatan kuman sa ila paghigpit karayaw sa ako. si boyet; sanay sa mga babae subrang kagana niya moromasa sa kama.
ang habi ko ay magluluto,magbasa ng mga kwento at gusto ko sab na isay say ang ako kaagi, abangan niyo ang kasunod og sa handoman sa usa kaawit. og sa nobela di geraldine.

le-bhe said...

day-asan is a nice place. I've been studying there for almost 4 years, since 2004-2008. it can relieve your hurtful feeling hmmmf

Cagayan de Oro said...

Looking at this village would really make me think of Venice!