Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Punta Bilar-Looc-Mabua Road

I early finished watching the remaining episodes of Prison Break Season 2 last Sunday, at 10am. So i took a sleep for a while to gain energy for the plan I had in mind.

That is... the quest
for the road connecting the coastal barangays of Punta Bilar, Looc, and Mabua. I so long heard about this alleyway and got curious about how the linking was done.

And as i reached Brgy. Punta Bilar, i ended in a 2 branching roads at the end of the barangay's central district. Quite clueless on where to head, I asked a lady and she pointed me to the rough road on the right. So I took it.

On top of Punta Bilar hills I found this very cool spot that really captivates me (to be featured in the next post). But since the heat of the afternoon is flaming and there's nowhere to take shade, I proceeded discovering what was in store ahead.

Punta Bilar-Looc Boundary Road
A zigzag sloping rough road down to Brgy. Looc

The Looc Pebble Beach
Bounded by Mt. Bagarabon as its division from Brgy. Mabua, Looc Beach is also a pebble beach. Only, it is quiet than the nearly-crowded Mabua.

Taking the coastal road, there are two options to proceed to Brgy. Mabua and experience its fabled pebble beach:

A cut on the mountain connecting the 2 neighboring barangays
of Looc and Mabua. Sooner, this will be accessible by 4-wheel vehicles.

Undone construction of the access road. Obviously rough.

Road descending to the central district of Brgy. Mabua.
This is where the Firing Range, sport of the local rich and famous, is located.

One is the Looc-Mabua Road (above photos) accessible by motorcycles and bikes.

Looc-Mabua Concrete Stairway

And the other one the Looc-Mabua Concrete Stairway Project (above) by the Rotary Club of Surigao City which obviously is accessible on foot. One compliment in taking the literally breath-taking steps is the beautiful top views of LoocBeach and Mabua Beach.

Mountain View of Looc Pebble Beach

Mountain View of Mabua Pebble Beach

Simply breathtaking. Don't you agree with me?


TENTAY™ said...

ang ganda non pebble beach, saan yan at paano pumunta jan. =)

Dakilang Islander said...

wow!! breathtaking view ngaa!! ganda tingnan...

the donG said...

ganda ng mountain view shot mo. parang marami na ring mga tinayong bahay dyan or resorts.

sana nga matapos na ang daan para marami na rin ang makapunta dyan.

The Islander said...

@tentay.. once youre here in surigao, its easy to go there na.

@dakilang islander.. salamat. masarap tambayan ang spot na yan kung saan kita ang view na yan.

The Islander said...

@dong.. yup, mejo dumadami na ang resorts. may isang ongoing project jan na cute ang design. korean resort sya.