Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Pacifico Beach, San Isidro, Siargao Island

Speak of beaches and Siargao can always be associated with it. Siargao is not just about waves, that capture the adventurous spirits of foreign visitors and local fanatics of surfing. With waves come the shores dazzling with fine white sands.

Siargao is not a single place (to narrow the misconception). It is a group of islands and islets consists of 9 municipalities with varied beauty of natural attractions. The municipality of San Isidro being one of them.

San Isidro is unpopular and, just like the other municipalities that missed the deserved spotlight, they are shadowed by the attention that Pilar and General Luna is getting because of the extensive promotion of now famous Magpopongko Rock Formation and Lagoon and the internationally acclaimed Cloud 9 surfing site, respectively.

But from a personal discovery during the series of trips in the island main, reveals another breathtaking glory of Siargao --the Pacifico Beach of San Isidro.

San Isidro is located in the nortern part of Siargao Island facing the open seas of the pacific. It is 30 minutes land travel via the common means of transportation "habal-habal" from the port of Del Carmen which is the closest point of entry and 1.5 hour away from the municipality of General Luna.

Pacifico, as commonly known in the area, is a kilometer stretch of white sand beach drawn in a shallow shore facing the powerful left hand reef break. Pacifico has the potential to become the alternative surfing destinations with its promising big reef breaks. As it lacked promotions, only few have known about the place and so it is rarely crowded. Which for a peace-loving person like me, is very much welcome ambiance.

Here are some of narcissistic photos for a wider preview of the beach and see tips on how to enjoy being alone in the beach:

Friday, April 17, 2009

Holy Week in the Sagisi

This was another moment of holy week spent in an island. Particularly in Sagisi Island, an inhabited island that is an hour boat-ride away from Surigao City.

Sagisi is one of the stopovers for an island hopping package offered by some of the tour operators in Surigao City. The island offers white sand beaches, enticing cool and clear blue waters, and lush shades that is good for hangout and relaxation.

Added to the exciting island hopping adventure adjacent with Sagisi is another tourist destination in its neighbor island, the World War II-old Punta Baluarte. Plus the countless possibilities of experiencing some more white sand beaches in the cluster of islands around. There is this Bikini Beach comparable to Naked Island in Siargao and the Samputan Beach in Hinatuan Mine site that is visible from the island. Samputan Beach which is located at the island site of the Hinatuan Mining is blessed with very fine white sands that submerges one's feet according to our pumpboat operator.

Speaking of white sand, the back side of Sagisi Island hides an amazing delight of fine white sands spread in its less than half a kilometer shore bordered by rock formations. It is accessible by foot following the trail that cuts in the lush hill of the island heading to the other side.

For less than 5 minutes, an amazing site of white shore will catch your attention. Even amazing as you set foot in its finer than sugar sands.

The serenity of its environment is very contemplating. And its fine white sands made me darker than dark, as if I am a piece of driftwood stuck in the beach.

As much as i wanted to dip in its coolness, i was afraid a one month bleaching will not make any good to bring back my, ehem!, tan (burned) color. So with all my might, I resist not to swim and sunbath anymore. Instead, did the camwhoring part of the adventure.

As we wait for our "loser yayas" get done with their preparation of the lunch consist of kinilaw and grilled fishes, we the señoritoes and some of the social climber yayas around played volleyball. God must forgive us for being so naive with the observance of the Maundy Thursday.

The Islander is the star of the game. Beating its opponent team in 5 straight games. Wahakhak!
Its so nice of Sagisi Island's caretaker to maintain the volleyball court.

Look at the moves... (wonder if i hit the right target)

Epilogue: Photo documenting that i was in Sagisi Beach in 2009.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Capihan View Park, Socorro

Other than the soothing experience of peace and tranquility in my A1 destination, there's more this summer that the municipality of Socorro can offer and is trying to promote as new potential tourism area. yes, there is more to my paradise Suhoton Cove and that is the Capihan View Park at the high peak of the island, some kilometers away from the town proper.

Capihan View Park serves as the view deck overlooking the beautiful landscape and seascape of the rest of the nearby Siargao Islands. Located in the topmost part of the island, Capihan proposes a chilling ambiance suited for an escape from the summer heat. There, one can find serenity of soul and take fancy like you are above all earth.

Above its brownish plains known to bear rich minerals rises the select species of trees that only grows in acidic soils. Few grow tall but some of them grow not beyond seven feet. Even coconut trees find hard to bear fruits. Only the towers of Smart and Globe networks heights the place. Locals initiated a move to farm mangoes and other crops that suits the soil rich in chromite.

But not only the people of Socorro engaged in farming and fishing as their primary source of living, Socorro town also houses entrepreneurs who are into handcrafts producing goods that ranges from indigenous bags made of pandan to foreign favorites tiki idols made of hard woods.

What i like about their LGU is the implementation of an initiative to post around the town the information on fares. Here is a print of the ordinance showing the schedule of fares to the different routes.. something like any other tourist would want to refer for transparency of fares.

The hotel rate of the only reliable homestay in town remains the same at P750.00 per room that can accommodate 4 persons.

Be with me again, come end of April as i return to my paradise Suhoton Cove for another soothing experience of summer. According to our recent guests, Suhoton is more amazing than Chocolate Hills.

Up next: Pacific Beaches of Siargao Island

Monday, April 6, 2009

Scorching Summer Spots

The sun is getting hotter everyone wants to cool off. The summer is getting trendier everyone loves to hang out in the beach. And I'm in for Summer 2009.

The following photos best summarizes the series of my island trips around Surigao:






Hopping around the islands of my naturally breath-taking hometown, Surigao de Norte, I was able to revisit the places that I've been since years and checked out what was changed since my last visit. I also found new potential tourist escapades that gained less attention but equally beautiful and amazing with the Cloud 9.

Find out where can you find the above cool summer destinations and experience the hangover of summer.

Upnext: other ways to enjoy Bucas Grande Island in Socorro, Surigao del Norte.