Saturday, July 12, 2008

Suhoton Cove

It has been years already since my last visit to Suhoton Cove located at the municipality of Socorro, Bucas Grande Island. That was during last year's holy week.

And i treasure that moment as one of the most precious.

Why? Take a look at the photos so you will know.

Here's a peek of what to see and do in Suhoton:

On your way to Socorro, you will see these mushroom-shaped limestone islets which seems like guarding the white sand beaches behind.

And there are plenty of them littered around the island homing other white sand beaches submerged during high tide. They are like usherettes welcoming the tourists to chill in its hidden beaches.

Who would not be tempted to dive in this enticing crystal clear blue waters?

Suhoton Cove is not about islets and cool waters only, spelunking could also be a good activity. Suhoton Cove is not accessible during high tide. So aside from swimming and sunbathing in the white sands while waiting for the low tide, you could also try to discover the Bulitas Cave like what we did.

And have fun in fine white sand beaches around.

Now, the Suhoton Cove entrance is visible and passable. Time for the Suhoton Adventure.

This is what will greet you once inside the cove. Serene environment and clear lagoons. Take notice of the horseshoe once got there. That would be the marker for your exit.

Thought it was easy jumping at this almost 15 feet high cliff after exiting the steep Magkukuob Cave? Look at the traffic behind us. It took me 3 minutes to decide and the people behind us looks bored already. If not for the yelling and loud boo's, i prefer to back out. Wanna know what made me jump?.. It was the thought that if Miriam Quiambao did, then i surely have to.

Outside the Hagukan Cave, a cavern with only one way in and out. As hagukan literally translated as snore, locals said during high tide you would hear Hagukan Cave snore.

The tranquility of Suhoton. The peacefulness of this paradise would give you a moment like you were in heaven. (This photo was taken before. Im not committed anymore. Hehe)

One of among the many unspoilt beaches, where you could play hide and seek in the rock formations.

Suhoton which had landed in some travel shows like ABS-CBN's Trip na Trip, featured in GMA 7's Pitong Paglalakbay and Asian Treasure tv series is my number 1 loved site in Surigao. It's simply incomparable. A paradise.

And should i be back there again, i would not miss seeing this fabulous resort:

Photo courtesy of filino of

Do the mathematics. Here's what we spent:

Hotel (Balanghai Hotel) = 750 overnight @ group of 4 (airconditioned with own bathroom)
Fare (Surigao-Socorro) = 150 per pax (3-4 hours travel)
Pumpboat = 1,500 per day (look for Manong Pechong)
Tour guide = 150 per tour guide (we had 2)
Entrance fee = 100 per group
Meals = ranging from 250-300 good for 4 (with variety of fishes in the nearby market)


Lawstude said...

ang ganda ng island. yung base nya halos kinakain na ng hampas ng tubig. madami rin na ganyan sa hundred islands eh. iniisip ko tuloy pano kaya pag naubos na yung base.

The Islander said...

and the most raging issue in that island is the mining scheme of some opportunists. in spite being declared as a protective area many, including the locals, are eyeing the island as a prospective mining site.

acey said...

oh, nice waters!!! and those are cool casitas!!!

Dissatisfied Whiner said...

very nice... very inexpensive place to go too... Good condideration for a vacation.

The Islander said...

@acey.. thank you. wait, let me google casitas. that's new to me.. hehe..

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
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Casitas may refer to:

* Casitas Dam, dam on Coyote Creek near Ojai, California
* Lake Casitas, lake in Ventura County, California, formed by Casitas Dam

so i assume it is the water... whew! dumb me. hehe. still, thank you.

The Islander said...

@diswhiner.. sulit in its truest sense. experience paradise at a cheaper cost. parang nagmotel ka lang. hehe

> Vanny said...

wow. 750 yung room? that's cheap. saya naman pumunta jan kaso ang layo sa mnila.. one time makkapunta din kame jan. if time permits. hehe. :)

The Islander said...

malay mo ang time na yan eh this july-october na... timely for the promo of pal express serving direct flights manila-surigao and vice versa. sakay na! *nagpopromote* hehe

Chokolatier said...

casitas ung bahay na maliliit.
i remember ung GC na prize ko sa punta fuego it says there: overnight casita accomodation

the donG said...

all i can say while looking at the photos is WOW! galing! parang kuha sa palawan.

i never heard of suhoton. ganyan pala talaga kaganda dyan. kaya tama nga na isinama ko ang surigao sa list ko for the mindanao project next year. dapat mga 1week siguro ako dyan.

The Islander said...

@choco... so mali ang pick up ko ng casitas, mali pa rin yung research ko? syete naman.. sabaw na sabaw na talaga utak ko. hehe.

The Islander said...

@dong... yehesss! baka gusto mo kong isama. all expense paid. haha. gusto ko kasing bumalik dun. di ako magsasawa. at marami pa kong di napupuntahan dito sa lugar namin.

and i suggest you go to the agusan marsh also in agusan sur. though di ko pa napuntahan pero parang exciting sya.

Rio said...

psst!! isama nyo naman ako ni dong! all expenses paid ha!..lols
ganda ng lugar!=)
gusto ko ding maka experience na tumalon sa cliff...=)

The Islander said...

hahaha. 1 slot lang daw eh. so ako na yon. hehe. kaw naman try mo kay lawstude.

Rio said...

namannnnnnn!!! damot!..... lols
makapunta nga sa blog ni lawstude at ng makahanap ng kakampi..lols

The Islander said...

hahaha! balitaan mo ko... isang kliyente lang nun ayos na buto buto. pwede ka nang isama kahit saan. hehe.

Dakilang Islander said...

saan tong bucas grande island? part pa rin ba ng surigao? pucha ang ganda dito hahh

BURAOT said...

sino namang eng eng ang nag hack ng site mo? pati ba naman mga blogs eh pinapatulan? hehehe.

enihoo, ia-update ko link. achuchuchu!

the donG said...

update kita pagnaka schedule na basta next year yon.

The Islander said...

@dakilang islander.. yup part ng surigao. one of the islands. di lang maganda. sobrang ganda. i describe it as paradise.

@buraot.. tsalamat. onga eh.. aping-api ako. binalahura ang blog ko.

@dong.. so bale ililibre mo nga ako? hehe. ayun si rio oh gusto ding palibre. haha

estan said...

one of the best spots in siargao/bucas grande! naa pa mga giant fruit bats within the cove?

The Islander said...

yup, naa pa japon. dagko kaayo. hehe

jude said...

hi we are planning to go this november sa siargao. we saw your pictures and nagustuhan din namin ang balanghai resort located sa suhoton cave na nasa pictures mo.. totoo ba na P750 per night lang un..
ano be marecommend mo na itinerary for 4days.. looking forward for ur reply.. thanks islander

Armie Lawrence Leyva Yuson said...

hi sir islander, I'm going to siargao this october... can you help in how to get cheap boat rent and tours? do you have contacts? Thank you, appreciate it so much...