Monday, November 24, 2008

Intramuros on Foot

After the calesa ride session, we opted to take a walk in the walls of Intramuros as suggested by Manong Calesa driver. He said strolling on top the fortress is a refreshing experience not only because we've got to see its wide greeneries of exterior afar from the tall buildings that crowd the place but simply being on top is a satisfying experience like we can assume we are fortress guards. How come we prefer to become guards? Maybe what he refers to is the power of a fortress guard back the historic years.

But since i am clothed with a barong which i used during the Filipiniana themed opening of the conference, i chose to imagine like i am a run-away groom. Haha.

Since I ran out of narrations due to lack of creative imaginations and i believe that the picture paints a thousand words, so i prefer to share to you our finds of the Intramuros walls and let the photo do the talking:

There... care to share what the photos tell you?
As we returned back to the event, one of my bosses asked us where have we been. So we told him in an exciting mode, like we were done with the place, that we roamed around the Intramuros compound riding a calesa. Then he said, "Oh, but you have not actually roamed INtramuros, you were just around the EXtramuros".. referring to the fact that most of the precious possessions of the place can be found in some of the historic sites like the artifacts in the museum, the things inside the San Agustin Church, and the interior of the Manila Cathedral.

Well, another series of strolling isnt bad so i guess there would be a repeat of Intramuros.