Thursday, August 7, 2008

M. Travel and Lifestyle Magazine

The second issue of m. Life and Living in Mindanao magazine is now in circulation, available nationwide.
Gracing the cover is another Mindanaoan pride known for her art and innovation in metal craftmanship and jewelry design, the creative Davao-based designer Ms. Ann Tiu Pamintuan. She is a Surigaonon and is a sister of the former City Administrator of Surigao City. Here are some of her notable artworks:
grabbed from her official website:

Mango bangle made of gold.

Rice necklace.
(Visit for more of her)

Meanwhile, one of the respondents on the M Speak column that tackles Life Passion is no less than me. It feels lucky when you have a friend in the publishing industry. :D So grab a copy now! Thanks to Ian for the 1/10th portion of spotlight but lifetime chance to be featured in a magazine.
See the second issue's sneak preview here:

This was the first issue with no less than 1973 Miss Universe Margie Moran-Floirendo on the cover. She is one of the greatest advocate development and a great lover of Mindanao.

Finally got my copy of M Magazine's premier issue launched last April summer via LBC courtesy of my DavaoeƱo friend Ian, one of the brilliant people behind this glossy and magnificent travel and lifestyle magazine.

m is full and compact with information about life and living in my beloved Mindanao.

I was supposed to have an early copy when we dropped by in SM Davao during out trip in Sultan Kudarat but National Bookstore was ran out of stock. Yeah, out of stock. Sold out.

So if you dont want to miss the second issue, go to your nearest bookstores now and secure a copy. Buy one and see how it will defy your perceptions about Mindanao.


Soy said...

Is this mag about Mindanao or Margie M-F? :)

posted 5/31/2008 5:25 PM

The Islander said...

hehe. about mindanao mam soy. i think margie moran occupying the whole cover is to honor her also for championing the cause of mindanao. this is their premiere issue and i guess they thought margie moran definitely embodied the character as eligible representative of mindanao to the world. naks!

posted 6/02/2008 8:31 AM

estan said...

its good nga naa jud specific mag for mindanao bai. i should try to get a copy when i visit.

posted 6/14/2008 1:15 PM

the donG said...

ayos ah! ive seen this issue on the magazine stands on bookstores. part ka pala dyan. astig ah!

The Islander said...

kelangan mong bumili dong. marami kang makukuhang tips about traveling around mindanao. tas dun sa premier issue, featured ang siargao dun at isang spot in surigao.

salingPUSA said...

Honestly, I never heard of this mag. Must be really good if you are after tips on traveling across the vast area of Mindanao. Hope next year makarating ako DAVAO....anyways, safe naman sa Davao diba?

The Islander said...

yup, very safe. way safer than manila. they have a tough mayor who is an advocate of peace and prosperity. hehe. heard of rodrigo duterte? well for me, just hearing his name gives me the assurance.

mother goose said...

di ba the pamintuans are, like, way famous there in davao?

the donG said...

talaga? astig! sige sige bibili ako nyan. sanay hindi maubusan

Lawstude said...

wow sikat na parekoy. next time siguro full feature ka na. pahingi ng autographed kopya ha.

Dakilang Islander said...

aba ibang level ka na ngayon ah..nawala lang ako saglit sumikat ka na ng todo...hehehh
penge kopya with ur autograph

The Islander said...

@mothergoose.. im not particular with the pamintuans po. so i cant comment about their prominence.

@dong.. pwede ring tingnan mo muna yung sneak preview bago ka bumili para malaman mo kung anong content ng mag. just follow the youtube link i provided.

@lawstude.. haha! it just so happen na kilala ko yung mga tao behind the mag. kaya yun.. hehe

The Islander said...

@dakilang islander.. hahaha! pano kasi umalis ka. kaya ayun, nasolo ko ang oportunidad. kaya cge lang, umalis alis ka pa ng konti. haha.

reyna elena said...

sweetheart penge ako! hahaha! PENGEEE!!!! ISANG KOPYA! hahaha! uy
sikat ka na uy! asa magazine na ba!

The Islander said...

nyak! anong sikat dun. nakiki occupy lang ng space. panakip butas. hehehe. hingi mo ko pangcourier kay sir romy, padalhan kita. haha.

Ferdz said...

Nice JP. Katuwa din ang magazine exposures. I'll check the bookstores here if they have a copy.

The Islander said...

Haha yeah, katuwa nga. Buti nalang nagkaroon ako ng kaibigan na over exposed, somehow e nakakahatak sa limelight. haha.