Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Will be away for 2 days for a work-related activity in Dipolog City.
As we will pass by the Municipality of Kolambugan in Lanao del Norte, i would like to solicit your prayers for a safe trip. Though our source said the route is cleared and safe now, we never know what will gonna happen.

In a very short span of our trip, i hope i have something to post here for your pleasure.

Please pray for us. Thank you.


Lawstude said...

be careful ok?

sorry for not visiting these past few days because i used the 3-day weekend we had in our country to wander around my neigbouring towns and city.

have a great day ahead.

Hail Mary,
Full of Grace,
The Lord is with thee.
Blessed art thou among women,
and blessed is the fruit
of thy womb, Jesus.
Holy Mary,
Mother of God,
pray for us sinners now,
and at the hour of death.

salingPUSA said...

Ingat lagi. Naku. is there any way na maiwasan nyo nalang dumaan dyan sa area na yan? Be extra careful JP. Bad elements don't discriminate who they attack. The best advice is to stay as far from the area as possible.We will pray for you.....

Ishna Probinsyana said...

Ingat, JP!! :)

Dakilang Islander said...

naku ingat 'tol...kung pwd pa lang i will volunteer as your body guard...heheh

'anniniput' said...

wow nadayun rajud diay imung biyahe..
amping2 ka diha..hehe! Godbless!

the donG said...

ingat ka. medyo delikado nga doon.
sige pagdasal ka namin.

leviuqse said...

enjoy islander!

boying said...

wow! buti ka pa nililibot libot mo lang ang mindanao. sobrang miss ko na ang 'home'. kahit 3 months pa lang ako dito sa manila. kakamiss talaga.

Rolly said...

Sa Dipolog diay ka nagtrabaho dong? Niagi ra ka sa amoa. Lisod bitaw sa Kolambugan mag-agi ron kay tungod sa gubot didto.

Naa koy hangyo palihog.
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redlan said...

goodluck and ingat!

The Islander said...

am back nung 30th lang.

ok naman yung byahe. salamat sa mga prayers.

at OA lang pala ako. di naman pala delikado. ika nga sa tema nung conference na inatenan ko, BUSINESS AS USUAL IN MINDANAO!

i enjoyed the tiring trip as usual.

The Islander said...

entry about the coast to coast trip to be posted soon...