Thursday, October 8, 2009

Germany: The Departure

October 5, 2009 marked the very special day where i make the first step in a foreign land. (Sounds moon landing, right?) It was never a dream. All I wish was just to reach the four corners of the Philippines. But God gave me the opportunity of a lifetime. Here i am... in Deutschland!

Photo op before leaving the Ninoy Aquino International Airport.

Looking back 6 months ago, i was just taking my chances.. read the scholarship invitation referred by my mentor Uriel, received encouragement from my boss Jake to apply, then i find myself accomplishing all the forms and submit to the InWEnt Office in Manila (i heard they will be moving to Jakarta soon).

The months after receiving the confirmation of acceptance to the scholarship program was hectic and time bound. Everything is planned and scheduled. That was starting April of 2009. So as anyone may notice, there has been no update in this blog for quite a long time. But only few knew the going ons, not even my family knew that i will be going out of the country for a study. I only indirectly informed them few days before my departure. Well, they were already accustomed to my attitude of not informing them wherever i go as i always make travels. They just get used to it.

So much for the storytelling, The Islander goes international this time. Might as well blogging international. This time about my new home for one year... the home of the cars, beers, and sausages --Deutschland!

Our connecting flight was in Amsterdam, Netherlands, aboard the KLM Royal Dutch Airlines. The 15-hour travel was quite tiring but for the new experience, i never felt it.

Aboard the KLM Royal Dutch Airlines having fun -watching movies, listening to music, playing games, and taking pictures (while our butts were aching in pain)

We were astonished at how extravagant the foods served. The packaging always says a lot.. q-u-a-l-i-t-y.

The busy Schipol (Amsterdam) Airport Terminal

The Amsterdam Terminal is so big but with plenty of signages around one cannot get lost.

From Amsterdam we boarded a smaller aircraft, with like 100 person capacity, to Frankfurt am Main. Frankfurt has two terminals, the old and smaller one in Berlin that is now for use of smaller planes for cargo and the am Main in Frankfurt used for commercial flights.
Pose before boarding the train next to the terminal exit. Imagine how huge the terminal is for a connecting train to exist.

From Frankfurt am Main Airport, we were fetched by a fellow from InWEnt who drove us to the Carl Duisberg Haus in Saarbrucken for 2 hours. Saarbrucken is located at the Southwestern part of Germany bordering from France. This will be our home for a month before transferring to another place in Germany and will serve as a briefing house to orient us about the culture, lifestyle and living in Germany.

Arrival at the Carl Duisberg Haus also known as the Reception Center for scholars from other countries.

Posing at the CD Haus marker.

The welcome midnight snacks: fruits and yoghurts.

One word to describe the experience: Astonishing!


issshhh said...

Good luck JP! Have fuuuun! :)

Soy said...

Yes Leonil told me you're already in Germany. Sadly, my tickets this month will only take me to France. If you could nip into Paris, I would be able to say hi to you and you could probably share a piece of my son's birthday cake as well! How are you coping with the cold?

Enjoy your stay there!

The Islander said...

10 degrees is still tolerable with a jacket on. but i started getting colds. still i love the weather and the new environment. everything is fresh. hehe. and the provincial ambiance helps me adjust faster.

Raft3r said...

it is always good to experience another country's culture

dodong flores said...

I see. This must have the reason for the long hiatus.
Congratulations for being international this time... :)

r-yo said...

wow! european experience! kainggit. how long is your training? do make the most of it.

The Islander said...

it is a one year training program po. and yes im really making the most of it while i still have the chance. sayang ang opportunity. i think i can never go back again here after. haha.