Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Snowy Germany. Late, but better than never.

It may sound funny or a bit odd but after the first snowfall sometime in early December of 2013, this is the only time that snow have fallen again from the skies of Leipzig and other cities in Germany. When I was here in 2009, snowfall perfectly took place on the 1st of December. But this time, it is very late. Very very late in fact.

While the Germans like it, foreign students from several parts of the world especially those coming from the tropical countries wished in anticipation that snowfall will happen very soon. Especially during Christmas time where snow completes the yuletide season. But to our dismay it did not happen. It did in Egypt though. Now that sounds more strange. Can you imagine Egypt having snow? Unbelievable. And in the United States, it was snowing more than cats and dogs. Blame it to climate change!
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Anyway, those anticipating for the snow was finally granted their wishes. Going home from a German lesson, i found this sight of parked cars near our place a lovely shot so immediately took a shot.
Parked cars in Tarostrasse capped with snow
Snow in Leipzig, Germany
This is the place where most of the students in the University of Leipzig resides, including me. While it appears very urban in this photo, this area is actually very simple and humble. And I was amazed how my old and low-tech Nokia C2 turned this into something classy. The pixelation is of course an issue but all in all, the phone did more than justice to the view. Now, I will reconsider my plan to buy a smartphone or a digital camera. :D

Snow in Taro
And... as I just signed a contract this morning extending my stay in my occupied room, I think i did the right decision not to transfer somewhere. It just looked perfect. Isn't it?


Anonymous said...

i was really disappointed that it did not snow last winter here in the Rhineland Palatinate. I packed so many cold weather gear thinking that i'd be battling the cold front. I guess they needed the snow somewhere else. lol! i'm loving the weather lately though, not too cold but not too warm either. It's been a wonderful spring!

Jun Piong said...

Yeah. Last winter was the weirdest. It actually felt like Summer. My windows were even left half open to make the room colder. But somehow i was thankful because at that time i didnt have enough budget for winter boots and jackets. So i must say i was saved. :D

Thanks for dropping by, btw.